Working as technical auxilliary

Presented By: Ina Hogenboom, Registered Psychologist; TEP
Date: May, 2021. Time: 2-4 pm (Central European Time)
Registration fee: 40,- euro.

Participants will learn, exercise and actively apply:
  • Zoom techniques
  • Spotlighting, ordering the video’s
  • Working with Avatars, photos, screenprints
  • Working with Powerpoint / Google Presentation
    • Preparing before the meeting
    • Sociometric Charting 
    • Charting TSIRA model with avatars
    • Using the TSM-cards with avatars (circle of safety, circle of defenses)
    • Adding texts to your charts
    • Copying chat-info, poll-results into Powerpoint 
  • Using second screen for special methods like mini-theatre, magic shop, empty chair, multiple chairs, rituals

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