Therapeutic Spiral Method in Zagreb

Een trauma-team met Psychodrama in Zagreb.
Werken met de nieuwste wetenschappelijke inzichten met een experientiële methode.

Brain in Action
December 13-15th.
Learn neurobiology in action so that your body learns how the brain works!
We will teach the TSM Body Double, which is an immediately useful tool to prevent dissociation and teach the ability to self-regulate in the face of severe trauma symptoms or intense emotions.
We have a group of 40 psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, social workers and Psychodramatists who work with trauma.”

Trauma Team: Kate Hudgins (trainer), Axel Eichel (co-trainer)
Trained Auxiliary’s: Vedran Korusic, Ines Cokaric, Ina Hogenboom