Psychodrama Online (zoomdrama) English

Strengthen your professionalism with Psychodrama by participating in this training. A collaboration between Hannah Salomé, Jacomien Ilbrink and Ina Hogenboom. Psychodrama online as an addition to your work with Psychodrama. Contact-oriented work via the screen.

The one and a half meter society means that we have to deal differently with our encounters, so also with our psychodrama encounters. The way in which we meet each other, individually or in a group, requires adjustments.
In recent times, video calling communication has increasingly become the way of working and is used in various forms of guidance, therapy and coaching.
The challenge is to also put Psychodrama online in all its richness, using all the technical tools available.
Those who work with Psychodrama are now faced with a new situation, and may want to explore this new way of working and fit it into their current working method.

So, how can we use working online to work with the basic principles of Psychodrama: spontaneity and creativity (finding new answers to old situations and adequate answers to new situations)?
The ZOOMdrama training is an answer to the above.

This training focuses on computer techniques and skills you need working with psychodrama online. Participants gain experience with exercises, in which the various roles as protagonist, group member, antagonist (auxiliary ego) and director are discussed.
The training is tailored to the goals of the participants.
We offer a training of demonstration & practice.  This can be presented in different lengths. Topics are:
– introduction and working with the group,
– monodrama, psychodrama,
– special teaching methods & conclusion
During these sessions we will also discuss the theory and the method with each other.

The training is aimed at those who have already followed a training (wholly or partly) in role-play, psychodrama, sociometry, sociodrama and who are working with the above techniques and who also want to apply these techniques online (one does not need to be  an expert on computerwork).

After registration, the participant will receive an overview of agreements that are necessary to work via the internet. After approval, the participant will receive the link for participation and the literature for the first session.

General information for a series of 2 meetings:
The maximum group size is 12 participants.
Time: from 1 – 4 pm CET (central European time)
(Note: We have special arrangements for Pafe members).

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Trainers: Ina Hogenboom (TEP), Hannah Salome (TEP) and Jacomien Ilbrink (CP, PAT).